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This short “spec commercial” is for a favorite little town of ours – Thermopolis, Wyoming. Though not commissioned by anyone to create this commercial, it gave us great experience crafting a video within the tourism genre. A genre we’d like to do more work in. To see more of some of the attractions mentioned, please visit our other videos:
Legend Rock Petroglyphs –
Wind River Canyon –

#ThatsWY #Thermopolis

Learning to Travel, is a travel video & social media company formed by Joyce & Daryle Dickens to help others identify and realize their dreams of “traveling more”. After years of “traveling more” talk with too little action, we finally went all-in on a life-changing 14-month journey to 23 countries and 23 US states. Since then, we’ve heard far too many people say “I wish I could do that” which has made us realize that most people need a little push to believe their travel dreams are possible and a little guidance to turn those dreams into reality. That inspiration and guidance is what is all about.
In 2020, we began focusing on video creation fulltime and launched UPTRN, a film and video production company focused on partnering with businesses, non-profits and destinations to connect people and make the world a better place thorough the power of video.


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