Paint Mines Interpretive Park – Colorado Springs

Paint Mines Interpretive Park is an El Paso County Open Space located in the tiny town of Calhan, Colorado. The park is best known for its colorful geologic outcrops, spires and gullies. Over time erosion has exposed these formations and exposed bands of brilliant colors. These colored deposits are the result of oxidized iron compounds and were at one time collected by Native Americans to make paint.
There is a 3.4-mile trail that winds through the park in a figure eight, but to get to the paint mines themselves is only about half a mile. The mines are definitely the most heavily visited area, it appeared the rest of the trail was very lightly used, but we did not hike it so can’t share any further information.
This 750-acre open space is located relatively close to Colorado Springs and is very popular. When we arrived at 8:30am on a Wednesday morning in August there were 6 cars in the lot, but when we left a few hours later, the lot was completely full and people were waiting for our spot. The lot probably holds about 25 cars.
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